What Are The Best Ways And Tools To Find Emails?

What Are The Best Ways To Find Targeted Email Addresses?

It is the biggest challenge when you wish to start a new business or expand the current one through email marketing?

Yes, it is a tricky and difficult task to find the business and customer emails for the targeted country, city, or state. Unless you get a huge email database from a data provider company, you won’t be able to establish good communication with them as there are many email addresses inaccurate and not targeted. This negatively affects your business while wasting your time and money in buying outdated and inaccurate email databases.

You may get some email addresses via your mutual contacts. But, if you want to sell your products or services in other countries, how will you find the emails of those prospects residing in another country?

Moreover, if you move to google for help, you need some email finder tools and tricks to build a targeted email list. These tactics and tools will not only save your time and energy but also provide genuine personal and business email addresses within a matter of minutes through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

To find the personal, professional, and business email address list of your targeted prospects is challenging but not impossible. In this article, you’ll learn about the world’s best techniques and email scraping tools to find emails of targeted prospects residing in another country.

Before we learn about the email data collection tools, you can try these online free ways to find someone’s email addresses from search engines, social media sites, and business directories. Following are some of the useful techniques to find emails manually:

1. Find Emails From Websites

If you know the company name or owner’s name, you can directly visit their online website and try to find their email address on the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘about us’ page as their complete information is given about a company.

2. Find Emails On Social Media

It’s the age of social media and everybody is using social media networks and they have a database about various people and industries around the world.

You have to enter the name of the prospects in the search bar of the selected social media site and you will get thousands of results related to your search. After that, you have to visit each profile and collect data manually if it is publicly available

3. Find Emails On Business Directories

You might be aware of business directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Manta, Hot Frog, White Pages, where millions of businesses register themselves for better business growth, sales, and outreach. If you want to collect the email database of business owners for email marketing, try searching them on business listing websites by name and zip code.

What Are The Best Tools To Find Targeted Email Addresses?

When you are building a customer email list, your time and energy are a priority.

And, why not?

Every email marketer expects the best results and a valid list of email addresses in less time, money, and energy at an affordable price. Considering this, I have listed some of the popular email finder and verifier tools that will assist you to find all kinds of email addresses (personal, professionals, businesses, customers, companies, etc.) for more than 195 countries from more than 66 search engines.

1. Cute Web Email Extractor

When you are looking for the best tools to find emails addresses for targeted industries and countries, no one can beat Cute Web Email Address Extractor. It’s one of the top-rated email finder tools to find and build a list of active email addresses of professionals, businessmen, freelancers, marketers, real estate agents, and targeted customers from different search engines, countries, and websites.

By simply entering the person’s name or company name in the software search bar, you will get all the email addresses registered with this name in the targeted location on Google or any other search engine in your laptop or PC database.

Cute Web Email Scraper is a desktop application that comes with a 3-day trial. Bulk Email Extractor takes the name, zip code, and website URL as an input and provides you an email address list with first name, last name, and address in an Excel, Text, or CSV format for use. You can buy this Email List Extractor for one year only for 60$.

2. Top Lead Extractor (Email And Phone Number Finder)

Business Leads Extractor is one of the best tools to find contact information from web pages, search engines, and local files and helps you to collect data for email marketing and mobile marketing campaigns. Business Leads Finder can find targeted leads for email and telemarketing for more than 195 countries through more than 66 search engines.

Top Lead Extractor can search for emails and phone numbers by different parameters such as name, zip codes, mobile company codes, and website URLs. The software has various formats to save extracted data such as Excel, CSV, Text, etc.


Finding a phone number or email address for a targeted country has become easy especially when such smart email finder tools are available on the internet. If your requirements are small then above mentioned free methods are enough for you. If you want to expand your business in different countries, you can use the above best email scraping tools to find someone’s email address and phone number and grow your business with targeted marketing campaigns.



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