How Can I Scrape Business Data From Google Maps?

How To Scrape Business Data From Google Maps?

When you want to start your own local business on Google Maps, you will check the other local businesses and their reviews or ratings for a particular place or area. For that, you can visit Google Maps which will provide you with all this information. Google Maps provides reviews of local businesses and other important details like email, phone number, website, and much more so that consumers will reach the best possible information before making a decision about where they want to spend their money.

Google Maps contains information about individual locations, such as restaurants, schools, hotels, marketing agencies, hospitals, where Google Maps users can submit a review of their experience and services. Businesses can also update contact information or add special deals in the business created on Google Maps. Users can also react to reviews. You can also reserve restaurants or hotels through emails and phone numbers provided by businesses on Google Maps. Thus, Google Maps provides a one-stop platform for consumers to discover and connect with local businesses of all sizes by making it easy.

If you are interested in creating a huge business database that is the same as Google Maps for marketing purposes then you can use a Google Maps Scraping Tool.

Google Maps Scraper will help you to scrap particular business data or multiple business listings which is most needed for you.

But as a new user, you may have some questions,

These questions will be raised if you have not used a business scraping tool before. But with a business leads extractor [like Google Map Extractor], this process will be easy.

To simplify things, we have divided the entire process into 3 steps to follow.

1. Download Google Maps Crawler

2. Find Your Target By Name, Zip Code, and business listing URL

3. Downloading Your Data in CSV, Excel, or Text files

Step 1: Download Google Maps Data Miner

Go to Ahmad Software Technologies Website and download the scraper. With Google Places Scraper, you can scrape 1000 business listings in a day without any coding and getting blocked.

Step 2: Find Your Target On Google Maps

After downloading, you can start your searching process by entering the business listing URL, Business Name, Business Category, or Location.

Once the Google Maps website is loaded at the Google Maps Grabber, then we will select businesses by Business Extractor to scrape for data. To scrape business data points such as business phone numbers, business websites, business hours, business name, business address, latitude, longitude, rating, reviews, you just need to click on the data. Once all the data points have been selected, then Start the Google My Business Extractor. Click the “Start Extraction” button to collect your data.

Step 3: Export Your Data From Google Maps into CSV, Excel, Or, Text Files

After the extraction of data, your data will be available for download within the Google Maps Location Scraper Dashboard. There is an option in the scraper to export data, so you can easily save your data in CSV, Excel, or Text files by using this option. You can easily access the data from the History tab.

Why Do You Need To Use The Google Maps Web Extractor?

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