How Can I Get the Best Recruitment Leads from LinkedIn?

Max William
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What is a Lead in Recruitment?

In general terms of sales and marketing, a lead is a customer who is ready to buy your product or services. Thus, potential customers are leads in sales and marketing that can help to grow a business.

But, leading in recruitment is different for recruiters and HR managers. In recruitment, leads are the best candidates that can help a company to grow with their skills and hard work. Potential candidates whose profile is a perfect match for the vacant job. Recruiting via LinkedIn is growing with 84% of organizations using it currently and 9% planning to use it. The central goal of every recruiter and hiring manager is to find the best platform for generating leads for hiring for future vacancies. Through the high volume of quality candidates leads, they can fill the position faster and quicker.

What is LinkedIn Recruiting?

In the era of 2k21, we need to focus on recruiting via social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Recruiters and HR managers always check the background of the candidate before hiring them. How he was hardworking, honest, and punctual. Nowadays, it is very easy to find out the original personality of a candidate from their LinkedIn account. According to the survey, 80% of Recruiters use LinkedIn to find high-quality candidates

As a good recruiter, you are always looking for qualified and talented candidates with multi-skills and a dedicated mindset. And for finding the best and most dedicated candidates, recruiters use different platforms. One of the most significant platforms that recruiters use is LinkedIn.

Via LinkedIn, Recruiters can find a wide range of talents on one platform. Recruiting candidates using LinkedIn and performing maximum recruitment activities such as job posting, advertising, attracting and sourcing candidates, and collecting candidates’ data from LinkedIn is known as LinkedIn social media recruiting. 70% of hiring managers say they’ve successfully hired with LinkedIn.

Recruiters can easily detect the candidates on LinkedIn with all their background history. LinkedIn Recruiter tool helps recruiters to understand what candidates want nowadays and how to get a better candidate within your criteria. The most likely benefit of LinkedIn Recruiting is to get a large number of skills on the same platform using only one platform.

How is LinkedIn Recruiting Different from Other Types of Recruitment?

You might have heard about the different types of recruitment procedures, such as online recruitment, internal recruitment, external recruitment, referral program recruitment, and so on. All these recruitment processes require a direct connection with candidates. But, recruiting via LinkedIn does not require any direct connection.

In LinkedIn Recruiting, it is also important to have the right connections in use at the right time. Today, LinkedIn is the largest social platform used by professional recruiters and managers to find out the next star candidates for hire.

As per research, 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn, 51% use Facebook, 48% use Instagram, and 15% use YouTube for recruiting purposes. Except for these large platforms, recruiters use Google and Pinterest too for hiring.

How Can I Get the Best Recruitment Leads from LinkedIn?

There’s no denying that LinkedIn is the most used and exceptional platform for finding and hiring the best candidate for the company’s growth, but physically reviewing the massive number of LinkedIn Recruiter profiles to find qualified people is time-consuming, to say the least. Undoubtedly, you have to use the best LinkedIn Scraping tool that can find the best leads from LinkedIn automatically and drastically reduce the time it takes to gather new leads for top talent.

Following is the best LinkedIn Scraper tool designed specifically for scraping candidates’ data from LinkedIn Recruiter Profiles that will enable you to hire the best employees for your company.

LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

As you know, LinkedIn has 800 million active users and it is very difficult to manually find data of targeted candidates from LinkedIn Recruiter profiles. For that, you need the best LinkedIn Employees Scraper that can find, extract, and export the best candidate data from LinkedIn Recruiter profiles. LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor will find data of thousands of candidates from LinkedIn by name, zip code, address, job title, skills, and profile URL. LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper is a coding-free web scraping tool and everyone can use it easily due to its easy-to-use interface. LinkedIn Scraper extracts only publicly available data, so you don’t need to worry about being blocked by LinkedIn. LinkedIn Contact Extractor offers a free trial for the user to check the credibility of the software. But, you can’t export data in the free trial. LinkedIn Data Extractor can export data from LinkedIn profiles to CSV, Excel, and text files.

What Leads You Will Get About A Candidate By using this software?


Email Address

Phone Number

Social Media Links

Current and Previous Job Details,

Number Of Connections

Personal Website URL

Candidate Skills And Experiences

LinkedIn Profile Link And Much More.

Final Words about LinkedIn Recruiting And Lead Generation:

Recruiters using LinkedIn Recruiting have a bright future in order to get the best candidates. Therefore the recruiters have started using LinkedIn Scraping tools to scrape the best employees' data from LinkedIn.



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