A Fastest, Reliable, And Easy-To-Use Google Maps Extractor

Max William
4 min readSep 23, 2022


A Google Maps Extractor is software that you can install on your Laptop/PC. It can find, extract, and export data from Google Maps business listings for any location and category. Google Maps Lead Extractor is widely used by telemarketers, marketing agencies, freelancers, and businesses to find and collect business emails of customers from Google Maps to connect with them directly. It is also used by programmers and data brokers to build b2b email databases for selling purposes.

3 Main Benefits To Use This Google Maps Extractor

There are three reasons to use this Google Maps Extractor software.

1. ( Find And Build Business Email List For Any Industry And Country)

You can hire a freelancer to find email addresses from businesses for your new startups. Or you can buy business email data from data brokers. These methods are good only for data-providing companies. But they may be costly and harmful for you. Because you have to pay them to get business email data for every different industry and country from Google Maps. And there is no guarantee of business email data they provide. However, there is a better way to build a targeted business email list with the best Google Maps email finder tools. You can get a business email address list for targeted countries, industries, and technology companies from Google Maps according to your time and requirements by using this Google Maps Extractor. When you are using Google Maps Grabber software, you don’t need to hire costly programmers and freelancers to build a business email list for marketing because you can find anyone’s emails from Google Maps by using the Google Maps Lead Generation tool.

Reason 2. ( Save Time And Money)

Copy Pasting business emails from Google Maps business listings is really a time-consuming and energy-wasting process. This is especially the case if you have to extract Google Maps data from thousands or millions of Google Maps business profiles. Fortunately, by using this Google Maps Extractor, you can find, extract, and collect thousands of emails of customers for marketing from multiple business listings automatically. The Google Maps Contact Extractor crawls the Google Maps for emails and provides email data in a ready-to-use format for the user. You can save hundreds of hours for many other tasks by using this Google Maps scraping tool.

Reason 3. ( Get Google Maps Data In Various Formats)

You will get data in CSV, Excel, and Text files by using this Google Maps Data Miner because it supports all downloadable formats. The Google Maps Extractor is undoubtedly the best and most used Google Maps data extractor software on the internet for finding and scraping Google Maps data. It makes it easier and more affordable for everyone who wants to build a huge b2b email database or phone number database from Google Maps for different countries and industries.

How Does Google Maps Extractor Work?

Just enter your keywords in the search bar of the Google Maps Email Scraper software. Now, just click on the button “Search Now” and the Google Maps Extractor will start crawling the Google Maps for data. After that, click on the button “Start” and get the business email list for your keywords from Google Maps on the screen of the Google Maps Grabber Software. After data extraction from Google Maps, Just click on the “Export” button and get all the extracted data on your computer in CSV, Excel, and Text files. You can view data on the Google Maps Data Collector software screen in the free version, but can’t export data in the trial version. For exporting Google Maps data on your computer, you have to buy the license of the Google Maps Extractor software. The Google Maps Scraper software price for 1 month is just $49.99.

What Are The Best Features Of The Google Map Extractor?

1. Provide emails, phone numbers, social media links, website links, ratings, reviews, and much more from a Google Maps business listing for All Countries And Industries.

3. Repeated and Fake emails will be deleted automatically

4. You have many filters to apply for finding, extracting, and exporting Google Maps data.

6. You can get data from Google Maps for more than 195 countries.

7. The Google Maps Business Extractor software can be installed on all versions of windows.

8. The Google Maps Reviews Scraper Software builds a list of emails and phone numbers 100 times faster than a human with 99% accuracy.

9. User-friendly interface makes the Google Maps Extractor more reliable and the best tool for the user.

10. You will get data from Google Maps in CSV, Excel, and Text files with a data export tool.

11. Find data from Google Maps by zip code, business listing URL, address, category, job title, and name of the business.


Download Google Maps Scraper now and start connecting with your targeted businesses anywhere in the world through Google Maps data. Create targeted business email lists and phone number lists of businesses from Google Maps for marketing in the shortest time using Google Map Extractor now!