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I am a software engineer and digital marketing specialist.

How Can I Scrape/Generate B2B Leads Data From LinkedIn?

Generating leads is very important to run any type of business. It is extremely important for any business to produce b2b leads to get a consistent flow of leads for the marketing and sales team to connect with prospects, LinkedIn scraping tools can assist businesses in easily gathering leads from LinkedIn. The current technology of the internet has digitized businesses as well as updated contact data so that everyone can contact them individually for services instead of visiting their stores and shops. LinkedIn helps businesses in listing their data to make it easier for people to discover them as well…

Are you a marketer and you want to get data from a LinkedIn Company Profile or Page related to your niche? However, the problem is that you are not a coder or programmer?! Well, we got you covered. We are here to help you scrape LinkedIn Data to Excel using LinkedIn Data Scraper Tool without programming skills and getting blocked.

What You Can Do With The Scraped Data From LinkedIn?

Data scraped from LinkedIn is undoubtedly valid and authentic to use for anyone for selling or promotion purposes. It brings marketers and business experts brand new opportunities to grow their business and sales, as well as exploring the great wealth…

What Are The Best Techniques And Tools To Find Someone’s Phone Number From Google?

For any business to survive, potential customers are compulsory. If you have an online store/business and don’t have customers’ emails or phone numbers to sell your product or services, you won’t be able to establish good communication with them. This negatively affects your business, sales, and revenue.

You may get some mobile numbers for your local customers via your mutual contacts or data provider companies. But, if you want to expand your business or want to sell your products or services internationally or nationally, how will you find the phone numbers of those prospects residing in another country?

If you…

How Do I Crawl Google Maps Search Results?

With over 1 billion users, Google Maps is the largest business directory of the modern age. If you don’t have a business account you should probably get one. You can compete with major players in your industry, collect business information, and strategize your next business move.

Google Maps is one of the business connecting sites in the world and holds a wealth of information about industry insights, data on professionals, and business data. One of the most commonly used tools to extract large amounts of Google Maps search results is Google Maps Data Extractor.

Why Scrape Google Maps?

There are many reasons why a…

How To Extract Emails From Google, Bing, Yahoo, And Other Search Engines?

Google with 4.39 billion users and Bing 931 million users are the most used search engines all over the world for searching and data collection. You will find almost every website and online business on these two search engines. If you want to collect email databases for your marketing campaign, startup, or online business then search engines are the best option for this purpose. If you want to extract email addresses from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, or any other search engines, you can now rely on our Cute Web Email Extractor software. It is probably the most powerful and innovative…

How Can I Extract Phone Numbers From LinkedIn Profiles And Connections?

LinkedIn or any other social media website really wants your phone number, when you sign-up. This isn’t a bad step as it can help secure your account with two-factor authentication. On the flip side, this makes it easy to reveal the private phone numbers of virtually anyone on LinkedIn, including businesses and employees.

You often need your friend’s phone number due to sending some important files or any other, and at that time, you keep on checking their profiles to get the email address or phone number for marketing purposes. But what if you get the complete list of all…

How Companies Collect Data From Google Maps For Marketing Purposes?

Google Maps is an incredibly powerful way to search for local businesses in a particular city, county, or state and it contains all the relevant information such as emails, phone numbers, zip codes, reviews, addresses, business names, etc. For example, you go to Google Maps and search for doctors in New York, USA. We get the relevant search results related to your query with physical addresses, phone numbers, websites, etc.

Hence, scraping Google Maps results is commonly done to research competitors, lead generation, and other sales, marketing, and outreach activities. …

Why Do We Need Web Scraping Tools?

Web scraping or commonly known as data scraping is a technique used on computers or laptops to extract data from websites without any programming knowledge. For those of you who don’t have an idea of what web scraping is, you might be already scared by this tech jargon. Honestly, it is very conceivable! Mostly the websites do not provide an option to the users to download the visible data on the websites and the only available option is to copy and paste the data, manually by hand. This is a very time taking process and not effective at all. …

Why Google Maps Is The Best For Marketing?

When it comes to getting found and chosen in our current marketplace, there are numerous options such as Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc. However, most of the customers use the Google search engine to search for a business, and with the most searches of “near me”, Google Maps is one of the most used platforms to engage local customers as a local business.

Google Maps is the best platform for customers to find and choose. …

What Is The Best Contact Details Scraper Software?

Are you looking for a Contact Extractor but confused about which one is the best for your business needs? Then, you are at the right place!

Do you want to scrape email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact details from a web page but don’t know how?

Top Lead Extractor is the most powerful web-based tool to extract emails and phone numbers by various techniques like website crawl, bulk URL crawl, search in Google/Bing, search in txt file.

It has the ability to scrape emails and phone numbers by name, zip code, website URL, and mobile company code.

Not only…

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